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Escort Amsterdam. Fake pictures everywhere !

Amsterdam escort / Rotterdam escort / Den Haag Escort/Utrecht Escort

How to avoid scams , fake escort pictures and why we choose NOT TO FOLLOW the same path as other ESCORT BUSSINESS

Here you will find top 1 legit escort bureau for biggest city's of Netherlands

Escort Scammers

Being in this business as escort model I always get hit by the big wall.


So after a while I think everyone will notice that is just wrong and is time to do something about.

So I start on my own path thinking that it's time to change the things a bit.

For the Girls so they can be confident and for the clients so you can feel the conection that most of you have already : WITH THE GIRLS FROM THE PICTURES !

Why We Chose Not To Follow the Same Path as Other Escort Businesses

Escort Amsterdam. Escort fake Pictures

At our escort agency, we believe that it is important to be honest and transparent with our clients. We do not use fake escort pictures or create fake profiles. We also do not charge any hidden fees. We believe that our clients deserve to know exactly what they are getting before they pay for services.

We understand that the escort industry can be a controversial one. However, we believe that it is a legitimate business that can provide a valuable service to our clients. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe and reliable experience.


If you are looking for an escort in Amsterdam WITH NO FAKE PICTURES, it is important to be aware of the scams and fake profiles that are out there. By following the tips in this article, you can help to avoid being scammed and find a reputable escort agency.

Here is our TOP 1 escort company that you can trust for the top 4 biggest city's of Netherlands ( Agencies that I worked with so I know THEY do not use fakes)

Escort Dame Amsterdam

Yes , that's us :)) Intimate Escorts Amsterdam and I really advise you to try us one time cause onest to be I don't trust anyone else to do the right job in our place.

I did work with 90% of escort agencies and let's just say : I know better !

Everything you need to know it's posted on the website , from prices and services to availability and payment methods.

Mary Jane Escort Den HAAG &  uTRECHT

Because I always like to set things straight I do recommend you if you're visiting Utrecht or Den Haag and just wanna have fun or just to get some nice company to an event.

I did work with Jane or better said for Jane and it was fun.

We share same values about using fake pictures so you can book any lady and expect the same face at your door.


If you are looking for a nice lady and good escort agency that you can trust while in Rotterdam , The Fantasy Escort is the place where you should start looking for your perfect match for the night , or why not ...... for the day.

Because they are very professional and don't believe in 1 hour can make you happy with them the minimum booking time is for 2 hours while you can enjoy a soft drink , a massage and some other kinky services but you can read more about this on their website FANTASY-ESCORTS.COM

Please be aware !!!!


Lady ask for tips and she insist? Let the agency know , they can manage this.

Not happy about your experience?

Many times happened that the lady tell to the agency a different story then yours. Is always better to call the agency while the lady is still with you, You can also whatssap them if you want and make you feel safer.

Wanna tip the lady ?

Please think good about this , cash or card payments made for extra services are not on our list of services so we do not take any blame if later you ask for a refund.

Extra services tips never come in our accounts.

That's strict between client and the lady.

Following this rules you should be just fine ❤️

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