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As a dedicated  Escort since 2010, I’ve had the good fortune of transforming my passion for  working with people into a successful bussiness. I’m also incredibly privileged to have guided clients from all over the world on both locally and abroad. My mission is to show a different side of the life to my clients, and to help them gain a better and deeper understanding of our bussiness and of our site . If you’d like to meet one of our girls, please get in touch so I can start creating the perfect date for you.


Happy customers

“I booked Simy for an hour but she make me want her until morning.She meet me in the lobby we had some drinks and after....exceptional moments.
I will book her again in my next trip to Amsterdam"

Alex C, 

Be a part of something special with Intimate Escorts! Our partners provide amazing opportunities to make your dreams a reality. Join us  & access  our partner links that will help you take your escort career to the next level. Be part of our family and start your journey today

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Exclusively for you

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Welcome to Intimate escorts! We are an exclusive Escort service agency that specializes in providing our clients with the best and mostbeautifull models in the industry. Our team is dedicated to bringing our clients the most authentic and unique models available. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter models or generic poses – we want each of our escort girls to bring something special to the table.

Every model at Intimate escorts  is carefully selected and given special attention and care. We’re proud to represent models from all walks of life and are committed to providing our clients with the best escort service experience possible.

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Q1: What is Intimate E?
A1: Intimate E is one of the top modelling agencies in Amsterdam, providing clients with a wide range of modelling services and talent.

Q2: What services does Intimate E offer?
A2: Intimate E offers a variety of modelling services, including fashion shows, commercial appearances, and photoshoots.

Q3: What are the qualifications for working with Intimate E?
A3: To be considered for representation by Intimate E, potential models must possess a professional attitude, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to excellence. All models must also be at least 18 years old

Q4: What makes Intimate E the best modelling agency in  Amsterdam?
A4 : Intimate E is committed to providing our clients with top-notch models who have the talent and experience to make their campaigns come to life. We have a wide range of models from different backgrounds and nationalities, and we are constantly scouting for new talent. We strive to provide consistently high-quality services and results for our clients.

Intimate Escorts offers highly educated models for unique sensual experiences. Our team of models are experts in creating a sophisticated and charming atmosphere that is sure to bring your fantasies to life.

Introducing Intimate e - the Netherlands' premier modelling service. With our passion for delivering outstanding results for our clients, Intimate Escorts is committed to providing a one-of-a-kind  sexy experience that is tailored to each individual's needs. Our experienced professional escorts are dedicated to ensuring that each client is conducted with utmost care and attention to details.

We are delighted to  you and we always make sure that our escort girls bring you lots of pleasure and 100% satisfaction. Unlike other escort agencies where money-minded girls are employed, you will find only professional, and genuine escorts infantry escorts from Amsterdam. Each of our Amsterdam escorts is hand-selected, passing numerous interview rounds. They have provided their desire and excitement to meet hot guys and enjoy erotic dating. 


Unlock the Benefits of Intimate E Today: Why You Should Become a Client  ?

At Intimate Escorts, we specialize in making any occasion special and memorable with professional escort services. We are known for our expertise in the modelling industry, experienced in creating stunning visuals tailored to the needs of our clients.

Welcome to escort sexy world -- the premier escort service and talent agency. We are well-known for our expertise in the industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services that include anything from  a intimate services to companionship and erotic massage. With a creative and diverse team of professional escorts, we are committed to helping you reach your fullest potential.

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Where your dreams become a reality. 

At Intimate Escorts, we make your dreams a reality. We create a personalized plan to make your dreams a reality. We provide the escort girls for every client needs and guidance to help you achieve your desires and make your wildest  dreams come true 

We are known for our expertise in the adult industry, where we have assisted numerous guys who were craving for physical intimacy. Sexual desires indeed must be fulfilled. And when you are in a romantic destination like Amsterdam Rotterdam Utrecht or any other city we serve , feeling aroused is natural. And when you have traveled solo, this urge to get sexual closure increases and makes us feel restless. Have you been struggling with this? Are your sensual desires awakened? Don't you have an ideal female companion who could bring you fulfilment and joy? 

If so, Intimate Escorts is the perfect destination for you where all your fantasies will come true. Please get rid of boredom and make your  vacation fruitful and memorable with the companionship of our alluring escorts. We invite you to visit us and feel the pleasure of being entertained by the whole-heartedness of our elite Amsterdam escorts. 

We are being called a fantasy escort agency. The name suggests that our girls are in the fantasies of so many guys out there.

From duo escorts to Lesbian and erotic women for handsome hunks, we have numerous categories of call girls who will never make you feel lonely. Their zeal to have an intense love-making experience with new men makes them the perfect companion for guys. Moreover, all of our services are available at cheap rates, ensuring you budget-friendly companionship services. We guarantee your hotel happiness right at Intimate escort Amsterdam. Hence, please do not delay and connect with us to feel the beauty of our spellbinding escorts. 

Autumn in Amsterdam: Experience the Magic with Our Escorts


Amsterdam Escort Autumn Girls

 Autumn in Amsterdam with Our Escorts: What’s in store?

Have you ever wondered about experiencing Autumn in Amsterdam with our escorts? This autumn, turn your fantasy into reality by meeting our alluring Amsterdam escorts. They are ready to offer you an unforgettable, delightful experience you wouldn't want to miss!


Autumn in Ams
Amsterdam Escort AUTUMN

As autumn paints Amsterdam in stunning shades of red and orange, our escorts will add a unique splash of color to your experience. Just imagine strolling under the orange-tinged trees, with a charming companion by your side, whispering delightful anecdotes about Dutch culture.

A Mesmerizing Amsterdam Autumn

During fall, the city presents a magnetic allure with its lingering mist and twilights made magical by the autumn hues. Its strikingly beautiful canals and sophisticated buildings echo with stories that make for engaging conversations with our escorts. They are well-versed with the city’s history, culture, and hidden gems, ensuring you uncover and appreciate the true beauty of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Escort Service

Meet Our Alluring Amsterdam Escorts

With their enchanting personalities and beautiful smiles, our escorts can effortlessly charm you. Their familiarity with the city will enrich your experience and give you a local's perspective of Amsterdam. After all, who wouldn't love to cozy up in a warm café on a crisp autumn day and listen to intriguing tales of the city?

The Fall Festivities with  Intimate Escorts !

 The Fall Festivities with Escorts

Isn't it thrilling to enjoy the city's fall festivities with an enthusiastic companion? Our escorts would love to accompany you to events like the Amsterdam Dance Event and the IDFA Documentary festival. They could also guide you to the city's best pubs, clubs, and fine dining restaurants

Plethora of Sensual Experiences Awaits You

Together with our escorts, you could immerse in a sensory couple spa trip, enjoy a romantic dinner on a canal cruise, or even explore the city by night.

Amsterdam Escort Service

Discovering Amsterdam

How about discovering the city's enthralling sights with our escorts? Visit the iconic Van Gogh Museum, take a stroll through Vondelpark, or experience the vivid nightlife. Through their eyes, the city will seem even more attractive!

Amsterdam Escort : I love Amsterdam

       Don't miss out on the wonder and warmth of Amsterdam in the fall. With Intimate Escorts, you can explore the best that the city has to offer. Our models are here to assist you in discovering the true beauty of Amsterdam, from its picturesque neighborhoods to its vibrant nightlife. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience and making your time in Amsterdam unforgettable.

Whether it's a stroll along the canals, a visit to the world-class museums, or a cozy dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Intimate Escorts can make it happen.

 In conclusion, spending autumn in Amsterdam with our escorts will surely redefine your perception of this vibrant city. They promise an entrancing journey full of laughter, companionship, and the warmest of Dutch experiences. This fall, let Amsterdam and our escorts enchant you with their charm!

Intimate Escorts is a premium Amsterdam based escort service agency, dedicated to serve clients of different backgrounds and ensure maximum satisfaction. Our mission is to provide our escort services with utmost professionalism, with a passion for offering excellent and top-notch quality services. We take pride in our commitment to provide quality services to our valued patrons. Our team of professional call girls are talented and experienced at catering to your sexual desires while maintaining utmost discretion at all times. The true beauty of our escort services lies in the fact that we offer a wide variety of options for everyone seeking a passionate and intimate escort experience with our call girls.

Whether you want an experienced call girl for a passionate evening, an experienced sex worker for a night of wildness, or a adoring companion for a special occasion, we have the right professional escort for you. We have a team of experienced and well-trained professionals who are aware of the industry rules and regulations and they are also experts in understanding the desires of clients. Our services are not only discreet but also ensure that the customer is left with a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. We guarantee a 100% secure and hassle-free booking experience, so that our customer can escape their daily routine and enjoy a night of passion with our beautiful Amsterdam escorts.

We are determined to provide our clients with the greatest possible pleasure and satisfaction while staying within the range of their budget. Our services are priced in such a way that you can enjoy our services without worrying about your financial situation. We comply with the terms laid out by our clients and strive to deliver the best results within the set budget. Our amazing services are offered to our customers at the lowest prices, regardless of their budget or requirements. We have the best professional Escorts on board to deliver the best escort service packages and the highest level of customer service. We understand that our customers are our most valuable asset and work accordingly to never compromise on quality. By offering our escort services at the lowest prices, we are ensuring the maximum satisfaction and pleasure for our customers. You can be sure that we will offer you the best deals in the industry!

Amsterdam Escort : Escort Girls

TOP Escort Service Amsterdam

Amsterdam Escort GIrls

If you're looking for a luxurious and enjoyable romantic encounter, then considering certified Amsterdam escorts is the right choice! These stunning ladies are highly experienced and provide their companions with the absolute best in companionship and entertainment. Plus, all of them have been certified by a team of professional independent escort reviewers, ensuring that you are getting only the top quality experience.

You’ll love the variety of Escort Girls in Amsterdam certified escorts, available to fulfill your desires. Each escort is attractive, sophisticated, and passionate about making your fantasies a reality. With a vast selection of nationalities, backgrounds, and styles, you’re sure to find an escort that will meet your needs. You can also browse through the exclusive portfolio with genuine photos and bios to get an idea of their looks and styles. When you know exactly what kind of companion you prefer, making a selection is easy.

As you take the time to get to know your dream girl, you can also rest assured that all of the certified escorts follow the highest standards of safety and discretion. They have also gone through all the necessary legal checks, so you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re in good hands. Your escort will arrive on the agreed time, ready to fulfill your desires and provide you with the ultimate romantic experience.

So if you’re in search for a beautiful and passionate companion to make your day, make sure to explore the amazing selection of certified Amsterdam escorts by  Intimate Escorts Girls Amsterdam. With a wide array of nationalities, styles, and looks to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect escort to suit your needs and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

We work with the most stylish, fashionable escort girls who are always in the spotlight. They turn heads wherever they go and love to show off their style. They are always on top of the latest fashion trends and always look sharp and stylish. They can be seen wearing designer labels as well as more affordable clothes and shoes. They look fabulous even when dressed casually. The escort girls take the utmost care in their looks and grooming, making sure that their hair, make-up and nails are just perfect. They know that looking great is part of the job and they take great pride in presenting themselves in the best possible way. No matter what the occasion, they always make sure that they look their absolute best.

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